Israeli Old, Collector’s Coin Ring – 10 sheqelim Antiqe Boat Ring

Israeli Old, Collector’s Coin Ring – 10 sheqelim Antiqe Boat Ring

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This amazing coin ring features the 10 Sheqel old, collector’s coin of Israel.

A big and sturdy antique boat travels across the sea,
As it heads for Israel, the ocean takes the lead.
When we row against the current, it can be a crazy ride,
But we find a great ADVENTURE when we just flow with the tide.

Ring details:

Coin: Israeli 10 Sheqel
Diameter: 26 mm / 1.023
Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 26 grams / 0.0573 pound
Years used: 1982-1986
Symbol: Antique Boat

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