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Ancient Coin Cuff Links

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Spectacular Ancient Coin Cuff Links. 14k gold cufflinks set with authentic widow’s mite coins from the time of the Tanaim and jesus. The bezels are about 15 mm diameter. Total weight of the gold :about 8.5 grs 14k

Delivered with a CERTIFICAT OF AUTHENTICITY for the coin(s).the coin(s) shown is (are)an example of type and quality.

Widowƒ??s mite jewelry is made from one of two similar coins minted during the time of Judean king Alexander Jannaeus, from 103-76 BCE, the first Jewish king to use the eight-rayed star on coins.

The two coins used in widowƒ??s mite jewelry are the lepton and the prutah. The lepton is tiny – less than 1 cm in diameter on average. The prutah is somewhat larger and worth more. Both coins feature the eight-rayed star in a diadem on one side and anchor or blooming lotus scepter on the reverse. Some widowƒ??s mite jewelry is made with the obverse showing, and other widowƒ??s mite jewelry is made with the converse showing.

The word ƒ??miteƒ?? comes from the Ki

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