Kabbalah Amulet – Gold in Silver Mount

Kabbalah Amulet – Gold in Silver Mount

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Kabbalah Medallion. Limited Edition: 888 only. This truly unique and original incorporates on the Official State of Israel Kabbalah Medal designed by Ruben Nutels & Aharon Shevo.

The wearing of such an object around one’s neck and close to one’s soul symbolizes, for many people, the mystical protective powers of an amulet, as well as a beautiful piece of fine jewelry.

One side of the medallion, is decorated with 10 pomegranates, suggesting the 10 sefirot or divine attributes. Atop them is a verse from the Book of Daniel 12:3, with the promise of a bright future for the virtuous. The other half features a stylized Menorah composed of the inspiring words of the 67th Psalm.

The other side actually depicts the Tree of the Sefirot, each one written in Hebrew: Wisdom, Intelligence, Love, Strength, Beauty, Endurance, Majesty, Foundation, Sovereignity & The Supreme Crown atop them all. Among the text passages are the words, and it was good from the Book of Genesis, describing the Cr

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