Meritorious Service – Gold Medal

Meritorious Service – Gold Medal

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Meritorious Service – Gold Medal.The Meritorious Medal is intended to express feelings of love, respect and appreciation of the individual who is graduating or retiring. It is meant to encourage him her to continue fruitful activities in other areas, no less exciting than previous, including volunteer work, communal activities and studies.

Obverse: The passage in Hebrew And length of days brings understanding Job 12:12, in stylized letters and around the rim, the English translation.

Reverse: A tree with stylized roots and fruits and the inscription: For Meritorious Service in Hebrew and English.

Edge: The emblem of the State of Israel and the words State of Israel in Hebrew and English. On the silver medals Silver 935 in Hebrew and Silver in English. On the 14k Gold medals G. 935 and Gold in Hebrew.The edge of the Gold 750 medal is milled.

  • Serialization: All medals with smooth edge, are numbered.
  • Designer: Asher Kalderon.
  • Tags: coins, medallion
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