Mothers in the Bible Leah – Silver Medal

Mothers in the Bible Leah – Silver Medal

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Leah became the wife of Jacob through her father Laban’s deceit. While Leah loved Jacob profoundly, her sister Rachel was the woman Jacob loved and for whom he had waited to marry. Leah was therefore always in second place, constantly trying to come closer to Jacob. Leah’s eyes were weak but Rachel was beautiful and well favored (Genesis 29:17).< p>

However, Leah is said to have foreseen far into the future and her reward for her fine attributes is far-reaching and eternal. From Leah’s sons, Judah and Levi, came the future kings and priests of the people of Israel. Leah was blessed with the crown of royalty and of the priesthood, to eternity.< p>

The medal face depicts Leah with a sad, pondering expression, and the mandrakes brought to her by her son Reuben, preceding the birth of Issachar, her fifth son to Jacob.< p>

On the common reverse of all medals in the series, a flame – an eternal flame, symbolizing the lineage that began with the

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