Mothers in the Bible Rachel – Silver Medal

Mothers in the Bible Rachel – Silver Medal

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Jacob worked seven years for Laban in exchange for marriage to his beloved Rachel, but after seven years, Rachel’s father Laban cheated him and gave him Leah instead of Rachel. While Jacob expressed anger, Rachel, out of kindness and respect for her sister, did not breathe a word. Jacob had to work another seven years for Rachel. Leah gave birth to sons but Rachel remained barren.< p>

Eventually, she bore Joseph but with the birth of her second son, Benjamin, she died. Rachel’s life was filled with aspirations that, sadly, were hard to realize.
Rachel, out of the four matriarchs, stands out as the Mother of the Jewish Nation.< p>

Thus says the Lord: Keep your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be rewarded…there is hope for your future…and your children shall come back… (Jeremiah 31:15-16).
Rachel weeps for the people of Israel; she symbolizes motherhood. The Tomb of Rachel is a popular landmark and is visited appropriately by

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