Thank You – Silver Medal

Thank You – Silver Medal

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I wanted to say Thank you so much But words would not convey My feeling as such. Now, have I found A true token of worth, An Israel State Medallion; The most beautiful way on earth To say Thanks a million .< p>

The words for thank you in Hebrew, Yiddish, Czech, French, German, English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Japanese, from top to bottom< p> Reverse:

The Hebrew word todah (thank you) with a flower as the letter vav .< p> Edge:

State emblem with the words STATE OF ISRAEL’ in Hebrew on the right and in English on the left, with serial number. Bronze tombac medal – BRONZE in Hebrew and English; Silver 45mm medal – SILVER 935 in Hebrew and English; Silver 37mm medal – STERLING SILVER in Hebrew and English; Gold medal – G.585 in Hebrew and English.< p> Serialization:

All medals are numbered.< p> Designer:

Nathan Karp< p>

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