Torah Biblical Coin Israel Watch

Torah Biblical Coin Israel Watch

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Smallest Gold Coin Watch in 3 styles.

  • Wolf and Lamb
  • Samson & the Lion
  • Jonah in the whale.

    Commemorative coin issued by the Bank of Israel. 12th in the BIBLICAL ART coin series. Stunning Watch with inlaid Smallest Gold Coin ‘Wolf and Lamb’. The prophecy of Isaiah speaks of a time in which mankind will enjoy peace and harmony, as well as moral, spiritual and material fulfillment. Evil, envy and hatred will no longer exist; the world will be one in which peace, love and brotherhood prevail among man and animal alike. The well known verse the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid . . . (Isaiah 11:6) represents the prophecy of an ideal era of peace and harmony. The animal kingdom, normally one of the hunters against the hunted, will lie side by side in harmony, along with all mankind. The coin was awarded second place (the Silver Medal) in the Vicenza Numismatica International Coin Design Competition, held in Italy.

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