Wedding – Silver Medal

Wedding – Silver Medal

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A wedding anniversary may have even greater significance than a birthday. Hassidim explain that marriage represents the fulfillment of the day of birth. However, the period of married life is generally greater than that between birth and marriage and as such represents the greater part of one’s life on earth. It is considered a good deed to entertain the bride and groom on their wedding day, and this takes the form of being present at their time of joy which should be accompanied with singing, dancing and with gifts. A most appropriate gift for both the bride and groom will be one which will last a life time and will serve as a reminder of their wedding day. It should also serve as a token of friendship shown by those who participate at the wedding.


A stylized canopy, a chalice and the ketuba folio. In the center is a legend in Hebrew Love, brotherhood, peace, and friendship. On the rim above, the English translation. p>Reverse:

An antique marr

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