Ancient Jewish Coin Ring

Ancient Jewish Coin Ring

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Ancient Jewish coin ring. This very special mens gold ring features an authentic ancient bronze coin avialable in

  1. The Palm tree Judaic coin (Style 1) or < li>
  2. The Masada authentic ancient coin (Style 2). < li> < ol>This fabulous 14Kt Gold ring is made to perfection to house the coin in a solid beautiful gold design that complements the ancient coin. Delivered with a CERTIFICAT OF AUTHENTICITY for the coin(s).the coins shown are an example of type and quality. This unique ring is available in your choice of gold color and purity.< span>

    About the Masad coin:
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    • Obverse: Amphora with broad rim and two handles. < li>
    • Hebrew inscription of Year Two. < li>
    • Reverse: Vine leaf on small branch. < li>
    • Hebrew Inscription: The Freedom of Zion.< li> < ul>

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