Bar Mitzvah Medal in Bronze Silver Gold

Bar Mitzvah Medal in Bronze Silver Gold

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A Jewish boy at the age of 13 is considered a Jewish man in his own right , bound by all the commandments of a Jewish life. This milestone in life is celebrated by a medal.
Face: A boy reading from the Torah (Book of the Law) in his Prayer Shawl (Talith) and with his Tefilin (phylacteries) on his arm. Inscription At 13 for the fulfilment of the Mitzvoth (Ethics of the Fathers)
Back: Israel State Emblem and emblems of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Designer : Rothschild and Lippman ( Roli ). All Coins Presented in a Jewelry type Gift Box.

  • Bronze Medal 59 mm < li>
  • Silver Medal 37 mm < li>
  • Gold Medal 22mm

    In 1961, on the occasion of the Thirteenth Anniversary of the State of Israel, the Bar-Mitzvah Year of the State, a series of State Medals known as the Bar-Mitzvah Medals, was issued by the Israel Government in bronze, silver and gold. These medals were struck in various sizes: < p>< li>

  • Bronze: 59 mm.* Diameter < li>
  • Silver: 59m
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