Biblical Coin Collection Gift Box Set

Biblical Coin Collection Gift Box Set

Ancient Israel Coin Store

The Bible is a source of inspiration and each Biblical narrative has its own
lesson for life, a message for humanity which is conveyed from generation
to generation. Such a unique, historical collection of 72 well-known, beloved
stories of the Bible has never been produced until The Holy Land Mint’s
undertaking of this immense project. The faces feature the stories and the
reverse, common to all in the series, is dedicated to Jerusalem the Holy City.
The reverse design depicts a lion, symbol of Judah and Jerusalem, surrounded
by stylized buildings of Jerusalem, within a coat of arms.

Specially designed now including an inspiring narrated book as a gift with this set for a limited time !

  • Max. Mintage 3600
  • Design Jacob Anidi
  • Design Aaron Shevo
  • Year issued 2015
  • Fineness Silver/999
  • Diameter 38.7
  • Metal Type Silver

Tags: Bat Mitzvah, coins, mitzvah
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