Determination: Israeli Old, Collector’s 5 Agura Coin Ring

Determination: Israeli Old, Collector’s 5 Agura Coin Ring

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Determination Ring


This Israeli coin tells

a great historic tale

A battle with the Romans

which country would prevail?

War dragged on, but hope spread through the Jewish nation.

Teaching us that victory

comes from true DETERMINATION.

*All coin jewelry is infused with good energy and a strong belief that thoughts become things.

*Each piece of our Israeli coin jewelry collection is handmade and one-of a kind; slight variations are part of each creation’s inherent uniqueness.

Ring details:

Coin: Israeli 5 Agorot

Diameter: 19.5 mm / 0.768

Years used : 1985-2008

Symbol: Lulav and Etrog

Setting: 925 Sterling Silver

Weight: 13 grams / 0.286 pounds

*Rings are available in various sizes- tell me what size you need

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