Hatikva Silver Medal with Color in Pack

Hatikva Silver Medal with Color in Pack

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Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem, expresses the yearning over 2 millenia for Jerusalem, a yearning which united Jews the world-over. The singing of Hatikva always arouses a feeling of unity that we are one people, pride at the rebirth of an independent Jewish state in Eretz Israel after so many years, and hope for a better future of peace and security for Jews everywhere.

This exquisite Hatikva medal has been struck in honor the 60th year of Israeli Independence. A collection of lines, symbolizing Jews scattered in many countries and different continents, create a Star of David, the eternal symbol of the Jewish people. The medal was struck at the initiative of Galia Albin who has organized an ambitious project for the 60th Independence Day celebrations: the simultaneous singing of Hatikva around the world, which will be broadcast on television and other media. This is, without a doubt, an amazing idea!

The word Ć’??HatikvaĆ’?? appears in Hebrew and English on th

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