Israeli Coin Bracelet for Abundance – Coins of Israel

Israeli Coin Bracelet for Abundance – Coins of Israel

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Abundant Quest Bracelet

Symbol: Three ripe pomegranates and Chalice
Coin: Israeli 5 Agora with Israeli 1 Shekel
Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
Weight: 22.68 grams
Size: 8.25 or 21 cm

This bracelet was specifically designed to give energy to your own quest for abundance. When we shift our perspective and find gratitude for the blessings in our everyday lives, we realize that abundance is already around us! The search for prosperity lies in our attitude. A pomegranate may look simple from the outside, but open it up and you will find an abundance of juicy seeds! A chalice may appear to be a plain metal cup, but it has the potential to overflow with goodness!

The numerology of this bracelet is also particularly auspicious. These combination of these coins resonates with 8 energy, the number of overflowing abundance and good fortune.

Keep your positive attitude of abundance and gratitude close at hand by wearing this Abundant Quest bracelet.

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